pokeologist (pokeologist) wrote in pokeology_ooc,

An apology and an offer

Hey, guys, we’re really sorry about the complete inactivity of the game for the past month.

Although we started Pokeology with the best of intentions to be amazing and super-involved mods, as time went on, it became more and more obvious that none of us were able to dedicate the sort of time necessary to really make this the game we wanted it to be. We know that a lot of people are having fun with it, though, and we're interested in seeing it continue. However, we all have to be honest with ourselves and admit we just don't have the time that we had hoped to be able to use to dedicate ourselves to the game.

This is a call for people who want to take up the reins. We'll be happy to let you know what we hoped to do with Pokeology, and you're welcome to either pick up and run with the plot we had planned or ignore it and take it in your own direction. We're looking for anyone with a vision, or at least a love of the game who will be able to take it where we should have.
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