pokeologist (pokeologist) wrote in pokeology_ooc,

General update of affairs by new mod.

Right then. New mod here, Sato, perhaps more well known as the local Ash Ketchum and Kyon. I've been given access to the mod account and email and such as well as information on where the overall game plot was planned to go. To my current understanding, I'm essentially the only one in charge now. (If I'm wrong here, any of the old mods can feel free to correct me?) I'm not entirely sure how well I'll be able to keep things running well on my own as I've never run a game before and I'm sure that before long I could probably use help from other people. However, even if I don't quite have any other staff yet, I plan to try to at least get the ball rolling back towards active maintaining of stuff.

For now, I think I may be stuck with perhaps doing a bit of catch-up on some of the stuff that's piled up over the past while. I may also try doing some slight revisions to the administration system so that things start to run more smoothly. Once I'm up to date, I'll try and set up some kind of activity check in action to help clean out inactive characters as I'm sure the long silence has likely driven some people off.

Any feedback or helpful suggestions from anyone is welcome as right now I'm mostly figuring this out as I go along.
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