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Okay, it's finally that time, where activity is checked and such. I was planning on holding this off until next month so I could call it an "END OF YEAR CLEARANCE", but there's been no new posts on the main comm for 2 weeks and I haven't been receiving any applications as of late either and I feel like I've spent too much time being useless and how many people on the "TAKEN" list are even actually still here anyway?

So, rather than anything particular or complicated, if you want to keep your character, use the following template to reply to this post. If you have more than one character, feel free to cover them within one comment.

You have a bit under two weeks until December 8th 4th for this, anyone who has not replied within this period shall be listed for a week after the activity check and if they do not reply in this period, they shall be purged from the game. Okay, so I decided to cut a few days from the deadline just so it'll be done sooner, cause the sooner I get this done with the sooner other stuff can be done, right? >_>

Why yes, I did totally steal this method of activity checking from another game I play at. 8D;;
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