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Activity check results

Okay, activity check is done! Over! Finito! Aaaand... There goes a very large portion of the game's characters. (It's actually December 5th here now, as I suppose you can see from my posting date.)

If you play any of the following characters, you have one week from now to reclaim them. That means until the 11th for this.

Aerith Gainsborough - healberry
Albel Nox - metal_claw
Alfred F. Jones (America) - pokemonhero
Chie Satonaka - meatpoffins
Claus - a_broken_mask
Dawn - atarashiihikari
Denmark - axecident
Doned Radiuju - murasumthin
Ema Skye - luminolftw
Fay D. Flourite - magic_markings
Giovanni - of_the_land
Green - smellyalaterz
Haruhi Suzumiya - enliventheworld
Jushirou Ukitake - prideandfish
Kakashi Hatake - copycopycat
Kanji Tatsumi - thundermarks
Kronk - squeaksqueaken
Kuzco - probllamatic
L Lawliet - luxrayeyes
Lupin III - manofsteal
Manfred von Karma - vksaurus_perfex
Mewt Randell - bearcarrier
Mikuru Asahina - moemascot
Miles Edgeworth - itsacravat
Mio Akiyama - passive_bassist
Misty - alloutoffensive
Naruto Uzumaki - pranksternaruto
Nayuki Minase - zzz_nyuu_zzz
Ned - bakerofpies
Ness - pk_rockin_omega
Osaka (Ayumu Kasuga) - idontgotit
Phoenix Wright - thirteenthace
Princess Kumatora - beartigerroar
Rue Kuroha - raven_daughter
Ryohei Sasagawa - fightswithbears
Sakura Kinomoto - underyourmaster
Senri - bookofmemories
Simon - diggerdrill
Tamaki Suoh - hoennhost
Tohru Honda - onigir_agro
Toshirou Hijikata - ilcercatore
Utau Hoshina - seraphicvoice
Vash the Stampede - bulletseeds
Yako Katsuragi - foodforthoughts
Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryuu - fallingjunkyard
Yosuke Hinamura - trashcanheir
Yuffie Kisaragi - fuchsianinja

As for people who may wish to apply for any of these characters... Go for it? Feel free to stick in a reserve or send an app. Potential approvals of such applications shall however be held until the end of this one week period so the previous players have a fair chance. (Of course, I find it highly doubtful many, if any, of them will be back... Someone app Suzumiya! She needs to torment Kyon!)
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