pokeologist (pokeologist) wrote in pokeology_ooc,

Oh hey... What's this? FOURTH WALL EVENT, YO.

That stunt Team Galactic pulled at Spear Pillar last year... Pretty big event, tearing down the universe to make way for a new one, huh? Good thing some kid from Twinleaf cleaned up the mess, everything's fine now, right? Wrong.

Sure, the Sinnoh region may have been stable for a while, but that's the thing with disrupting the fabric of space-time, it can have lasting effects. As the world heads into a new year, the very foundations of the Sinnoh region are shaken once again. What does this mean? Well, just a slight dimensional bleed for a few days... It'll clear up without any lasting effects though.

... And that long winded bunch of crap is my in-universe justification for our newly upcoming Fourth Wall Event being held from Friday, January 8th to Monday, January 11th. As in my experience, Fourth Wall Events have always been awesome fun, and hey... roping in visitors is good publicity! Right?

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