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08 January 2010 @ 08:51 pm
So, uh... I really really hate to say this, but... I'm packing it in. For a little while now my RP drive has been dwindling and the game is incredibly inactive and has very few members left and I've mostly been holding on as the active mod in the hope that something, anything, may happen to help the game. I've absolutely loved my time here having been around since near the beginning, but I'm just not feeling it now. As a result, to avoid simply sitting around and fading off into the distance for ages like the previous mods did, I'm both stepping down as mod and dropping both my characters. Anyone willing to take over is free to contact me to do so, and again... I'm sorry, but I'm just not feeling it.
30 December 2009 @ 08:31 am
Hey all! I'm the ever-neurotic, ever-excited Kabby, bringing you The Princess and the Frog's Tiana.

And, because of the way her AU history was written, she's really quite spoiler free! :D

Anyway, here I am, a Poke-geek for sure, so quite happy to be here. Aaaaand trying to decide if I want to start with a log post of Tiana starting her journey, or an entry to the main comm for that. Anyone have an opinion either way that might help me make up my mind?
05 December 2009 @ 10:07 am
That stunt Team Galactic pulled at Spear Pillar last year... Pretty big event, tearing down the universe to make way for a new one, huh? Good thing some kid from Twinleaf cleaned up the mess, everything's fine now, right? Wrong.

Sure, the Sinnoh region may have been stable for a while, but that's the thing with disrupting the fabric of space-time, it can have lasting effects. As the world heads into a new year, the very foundations of the Sinnoh region are shaken once again. What does this mean? Well, just a slight dimensional bleed for a few days... It'll clear up without any lasting effects though.

... And that long winded bunch of crap is my in-universe justification for our newly upcoming Fourth Wall Event being held from Friday, January 8th to Monday, January 11th. As in my experience, Fourth Wall Events have always been awesome fun, and hey... roping in visitors is good publicity! Right?

05 December 2009 @ 09:40 am
Okay, activity check is done! Over! Finito! Aaaand... There goes a very large portion of the game's characters. (It's actually December 5th here now, as I suppose you can see from my posting date.)

If you play any of the following characters, you have one week from now to reclaim them. That means until the 11th for this.

Full list of dropped characters here.Collapse )

As for people who may wish to apply for any of these characters... Go for it? Feel free to stick in a reserve or send an app. Potential approvals of such applications shall however be held until the end of this one week period so the previous players have a fair chance. (Of course, I find it highly doubtful many, if any, of them will be back... Someone app Suzumiya! She needs to torment Kyon!)
Ok, so I went and did it. Your mod here with an account for generic NPCs including several of the trainer classes from Diamond and Pearl and... Oh, what's that? Who's that in that icon up there? That's right. Things might be getting interesting. Maybe. I'll be putting some more thought into how and where exactly this account will be used soon.
Hey there, your mod here with a special new account! From now on, all NPCing of Gym Leaders shall be done from this account. I'm also considering the possibility of creating another NPC account just for fun filled with the generic trainer classes, but I haven't really decided on that yet or how such an account would be used. :P
24 November 2009 @ 01:33 pm
Okay, it's finally that time, where activity is checked and such. I was planning on holding this off until next month so I could call it an "END OF YEAR CLEARANCE", but there's been no new posts on the main comm for 2 weeks and I haven't been receiving any applications as of late either and I feel like I've spent too much time being useless and how many people on the "TAKEN" list are even actually still here anyway?

So, rather than anything particular or complicated, if you want to keep your character, use the following template to reply to this post. If you have more than one character, feel free to cover them within one comment.

You have a bit under two weeks until December 8th 4th for this, anyone who has not replied within this period shall be listed for a week after the activity check and if they do not reply in this period, they shall be purged from the game. Okay, so I decided to cut a few days from the deadline just so it'll be done sooner, cause the sooner I get this done with the sooner other stuff can be done, right? >_>

Why yes, I did totally steal this method of activity checking from another game I play at. 8D;;
05 November 2009 @ 08:07 pm
Hi everyone, this is Shaun and I'll be bringing you Henry Agata transplanted from Medabots into Pokemon.

He also comes fully loaded with not one, but TWO secret identities so be careful who you poke!
19 October 2009 @ 03:18 pm
Right then. New mod here, Sato, perhaps more well known as the local Ash Ketchum and Kyon. I've been given access to the mod account and email and such as well as information on where the overall game plot was planned to go. To my current understanding, I'm essentially the only one in charge now. (If I'm wrong here, any of the old mods can feel free to correct me?) I'm not entirely sure how well I'll be able to keep things running well on my own as I've never run a game before and I'm sure that before long I could probably use help from other people. However, even if I don't quite have any other staff yet, I plan to try to at least get the ball rolling back towards active maintaining of stuff.

For now, I think I may be stuck with perhaps doing a bit of catch-up on some of the stuff that's piled up over the past while. I may also try doing some slight revisions to the administration system so that things start to run more smoothly. Once I'm up to date, I'll try and set up some kind of activity check in action to help clean out inactive characters as I'm sure the long silence has likely driven some people off.

Any feedback or helpful suggestions from anyone is welcome as right now I'm mostly figuring this out as I go along.
04 October 2009 @ 08:25 pm
Hey, guys, we’re really sorry about the complete inactivity of the game for the past month.

Although we started Pokeology with the best of intentions to be amazing and super-involved mods, as time went on, it became more and more obvious that none of us were able to dedicate the sort of time necessary to really make this the game we wanted it to be. We know that a lot of people are having fun with it, though, and we're interested in seeing it continue. However, we all have to be honest with ourselves and admit we just don't have the time that we had hoped to be able to use to dedicate ourselves to the game.

This is a call for people who want to take up the reins. We'll be happy to let you know what we hoped to do with Pokeology, and you're welcome to either pick up and run with the plot we had planned or ignore it and take it in your own direction. We're looking for anyone with a vision, or at least a love of the game who will be able to take it where we should have.